Does your business have a product or service that needs B2B representation?

With AppleCatZebra , it's simple;

1- Let us know your goal / objective.

2- Determine the budget and time lines to achieve said goal.

3- Engage and relax, we got this!  

"AppleCatZebrais always seeking relationships with Fintech and SaaS Developers." From marketing within our B2B platform to complete customized payment integration solutions, we are the partner you want with the resources you need!  



Crypto Currency Center 

Digital Menus/Restaurant Software

Drop Shipping


Field Service Solutions

Forex (Currency Exchange Resources)

Go Public Transactions (Offshore)

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Hotel & Hospitality Driven Software

Inventory Management

Lead Generation (Taxi, Limo, Rideshare)

Multilevel / Direct Sells Technologies

Mobile Marketing / SMS



Rewards Cards Program

Reverse Mergers & Shell Acquisitions

Sourcing (Domestic and International)

Social Media Management

Trading Tools


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